Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Living on one dollar a day...A video blog series already making a profound difference!

If there was ever a video blog series that deserved to go hyper viral on Youtube these guys would get my vote! Living On One Dollar-A-Day is a video blog documentary of four college students that have traveled to Peña Blanca, Guatemala to farm and integrate with locals all the while living off a single dollar a day! By using microfinance as a guide they hope to empower those they come into contact with to manage their monies in a way that will help make long term financial stability a reality!

Below is an excerpt from the site:

“To achieve this, we will shoot a documentary in which 4 American college students will systematically research how Guatemalan subsistence farmers in rural villages manage money by working alongside them, interviewing them and living as close as possible to the financial reality with which they are faced. Specifically, we will follow the development of 6-8 families/entrepreneurs in the town of Peña Blanca as they face the complexity of the financial reality that confronts them, using Portfolio's of the Poor financial diaries as a model.”

You will be hooked from the moment you watch the first video blog (which I have featured here) on the simple and profound message that is being conveyed here…you can make a difference!

Thanks for taking the time to watch this and hope you were as inspired by it as I was…


Jason Neumann

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