Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BlackBerry PlayBook vs iPad - A Video Review

This video is taken from the perspective of a BlackBerry PlayBook designer. The PlayBook's built in Flashplayer is uber slick and web page load times appear to be be faster (although not by much). The graphics on the PlayBook are also worth mentioning. The PlayBook's screen size is certainly suspect as it is nearly half the size of the IPad.

Apple will likely fire back a counter point Youtube video very soon...What are your thoughts on the two tablets?


Jason Neumann

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Ginger said...

Enjoyed the demo and can't wait to try the Playbook. I own an iPad and it's a wonderful product with many fans. RIM has a loyal following as well. Being from Waterloo, naturally I'm rooting for the home team to hit it out of the park!

Jason Neumann Century 21 Kelowna Real Estate said...

I too own an iPad and find myself very intrigued BlackBerry's PlayBook. I look forward to trying it on a demo basis to see what this tablet can really do!

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