Monday, January 5, 2009

Candles and more candles

Some tips on how to keep your candles burning long and bright.

Make them burn longer. Pop candles into the fridge for a few hours before lighting them for the first time. It makes the wax harder so the candles last longer.

Give them a trim. Cut wicks down to the 1/4" before lighting your candles. A wick that it is too long makes flames too high and starts to produce dirty soot.

Look for the tear. Your flame should be teardrop shaped. If it's not, your candle isn't burning cleanly and is releasing smoke into the air. For a quick fix, trim the wick and check for any drafts disturbing the flame.

Keep a safe distance. Position candles at least three inches apart to prevent them from melting each other or causing drafts that can make them burn unevenly.

Wax on your tablecloth? Let it harden, then rub the cloth between your hands so most of it chips off. With a warm iron, press between paper towels to absorb the remaining wax.

This article was used with permission from Pillar to Post

Take care and happy waxing!


Jason Neumann

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