Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Search Ninja Gives iPhone Users An Edge!

I recently downloaded this app and was instantly impressed with the ease and choices I had to search the web at large. With one button search options like Google, Bing, Twitter, Wikipedia and IMDb at your finger tips what's not to like?! If you have an iPhone download the app and let me know your thoughts on it...Jason

Amplify’d from mashable.com

Quick Pitch: Search Ninja makes search easier and faster on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Genius Idea: Swipe through search results from search engines, reference sites and social media services.

One week-old Search Ninja is an iPhone app [iTunes link] that’s all about fast and easy mobile search. The app offers users a query once, search everywhere experience that is expedient, intuitive and more practical than performing the same search queries across multiple sites or applications.

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