Friday, April 15, 2011

Nintendo Wii 2 HD Set To Launch 2012

In a bid to drum up some new excitement in the gaming world, Nintendo Wii 2 HD (or whatever Nintendo's brass decide to call it) is set to release details about their new gaming platform to generate some marketing momentum. The only question will the gaming giant produce enough units to meet the inevitable demand for Christmas 2012? Based on past product releases I'm guessing not...Jason

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Nintendo could be revealing a HD successor to the Wii console this summer, according to new reports.

There hasn’t been a new gaming console since the launch of the Wii and PlayStation 3 in November 2006. However, Microsoft has breathed new life into its console, the Xbox 360, thanks to the Kinect. The Wii, which has been best the best-selling console for years, is about to lose its first place position.


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