Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With This Tweet I Thee Wed...

Social Media Forever? Some folks take their tweets so seriously that they want to immortalize them even on their rings. It would seem love knows no bounds including the ever changing world of Social Media...

Jason Neumann

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Ever composed a tweet so poignant, so incisive, that you’ve wanted to carve it into titanium, wear it on your ring finger and lovingly call it “My Precious”? Well, now you can, thanks to Tweet Rings.

Tweet Rings is a brand-new service from Amsterdam-based startup, whose motto is: “Some Tweets should last forever!” (To be fair, they all do, as they are housed in the Library of Congress, but nevermind.)

The idea of decking yourself out in Internet (Internet) culture is nothing new, but these rings are slightly more classy than other iterations.


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