Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Petty Crime - A Jason Neumann Poem

I don't normally share personal writings or in this case poetry, but I decided this piece might be worth risking some personal exposure on!  I wrote this poem a number of years ago...I think it might be 10 years or more now.  I simply wanted to speak to the loneliness that I see in the eyes of so many individuals whilst others seemingly bask in the attention of community without effort.  We are all dusty pilgrims on this journey of life and unconditional acceptance is something we should extend to one another each and every day. 

I dedicate this poem to the one person who needed to know that they are not alone...

Petty Crime

Take that which belongs to others and they
call you thief...

Take what you own and give it away they call
it charity...

Take the time to love someone they call you

Take a moment to reflect on your life and you
have understood what it is that we all search


Jason Neumann

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