Monday, September 28, 2009 delivers 3X the number of unique visitors per sales representative than any other competitive brand in Canada!

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Why your Realtor's Website Matters...a lot

Can you remember the days when you'd get newsprint on your hands as you flipped through house listings in the local paper? Or you had to balance a notepad on your knee as your spouse slowed the car down in front of a real estate sign so you could jot down the agent's phone number?

Today everyone does everything online - and looking for houses is no exception. We're pretty happy that CENTURY 21 Canada got behind the web in a big way before some other real estate organizations did... and our results prove we got it right.

New data gathered by ComScore -  a global leader in digital market research - and by the Canadian Real Estate Association, reveals that delivers three times the number of unique visitors per sales representative than any other competitive brand in Canada!

What does that mean to you?
Should you care if your realtor has an industry-leading website?

Absolutely, says real estate lawyer and The Toronto Star writer, Mark Weisleder, in his article, How Buyers can Find the Right Agent.

He says home buyers should "Google the area you are interested in to see if any link shows up to a local agent in a blog or on his or her website. This demonstrates that this agent not only has a local knowledge, but he or she knows how to use the Internet to find potential properties."

(Not to mention potential buyers for your home, and the more more traffic a realtor site gets, the more eyeballs on your listing - so the greater chance it will sell quickly.)

Own the Internet, Own the Real Estate Market

Weisleder also says home buyers, and sellers, should "research the websites of all agents you are interested in interviewing. The more information on the website that assists you in the home buying or selling process, the more informed that agent is. Examples for a buyer could be information on any potential tax rebates for first-time buyers, the mortgage loan, home insurance and home inspection processes."

That very information is available at this national Talk 21 blog, and at the hundreds of locally-focused blogs of realtors across Canada, also hosted at

At this site, we offer you reams of relevant and current information on mortgages, green real estate, renovations, selling your home, buying a home, AIR MILES reward miles, real estate statistics in Canada, and much more.

Own the Internet, own the market... what more could you want from a real estate sales rep!


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